Rev. Jenn 

Jenn is a spirit-forming, music-loving, storytelling, radically-welcoming disciple. 

She loves being the Pastor of a new church community because it allows the church to return to what it was always meant to be, a community of diverse misfits practicing living as Jesus taught us. 

In addition to pastoral ministry Jenn and her wife Darcie are foster and adoptive parents and currently have four children in their family. When Jenn is not at church she loves to be outside camping, swimming and has recently taken up adaptive cycling. 

Jenn loves to meet members of the community and would love to meet with you. 

You can reach Jenn by phone, 978-560-3463 or e-mail [email protected] 

Billy, Co-Minister for Addiction Ministries
Dan, Co-Minister for LGBT Ministries 
Jackie, Minister for Foster Care Ministries 

Billy is a passionate and Jesus-loving disciple. His open and accessible personality are just two of the things that make him a wonderful match for the Disciples, UCC community. Billy believes that church should be a place where all people are safe and welcome, and listened to and is personally called to this ministry.

You can reach Billy by e-mailing [email protected]  
Dan is a bible-reading, Gregorian chant-loving disciple who is committed to the full inclusion of all people in the church. As a parent and a husband Dan believes he is uniquely called to be a progressive voice for the LGBT community in a sea of misinformation and misinterpretation. 

You can reach Dan by e-mailing
[email protected]
Jackie is a gentle-hearted, fiercely loyal disciple. As a Mom of five children, some with special needs, Jackie knows that it takes a village to raise children. As a former teenage Mom she knows what it is like to be on your own too early.  Her life experience combined with her loving heart make her a natural minister to the foster care community. 

You can reach Jackie by e-mailing 
[email protected]
Cindy, Co-Minister for All Abilities Ministries
Dulci, Co-Minister for All Abilities Ministries
Carol, Minister for Addiciton Ministries
Cindy is a spiritually-grounded, laughter-loving disciple. Her smile and loving nature are visible reminders of God's grace.
Her work with students of all abilities in the public schools has led her to this new calling, creating inclusive worship space for all people. 

You can reach Cindy by e-mailing [email protected]

Dulci is a warm-hearted and God -centered disciple. 
In addition to being a loving Mom of two gifted teenage girls, Dulci is a passionate advocate in the developmental disability community. She has felt the call to partner with people of all abilities and is looking forward to using her gifts for Christian Education and worship inclusion to minister to and with Disciples, UCC.

You can reach Dulci by e-mailing
[email protected] 
Carol is a committed and wisdom-filled disciple. She knows firsthand the damage addiction can do to us as individuals, families and communities. She is ready to help Disciples, UCC reach those who need a safe place to meet (we host many 12 step groups), pray (look for our prayer groups in the fall), and share their stories. 

You can reach Carol by e-mailing [email protected]